Can it be charge?

Yes. A complementary USB cable will be given to you together with your Moving Moments book.  We recommend charging using the USB Wall Adapt. Connecting to your PC or MAC is only recommended for uploading of content. We also recommend you to have a full charge every time you charge, so as to preserve the battery condition of the video book. 

Can i listen to audio and charge at the same time?

Yes you can but we will not recommend it.

It feels slightly warm when i charge it. Is it normal?

Yes it is normal. Just like any other electronic products, it is normal to feel slightly warm when you are charging it. (E.g when you are charging your phone or laptop.)

How to upload more videos in the Moving Moments book?

Connect the USB to your laptop/desktop and upload it in. 

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the video upload, please kindly ensure you eject the drive via the Safely Remove Hardware option in your system. Kindly note that without safe ejection, you might lose files, crash applications or even crashed the video brochure. 

What is the memory size of the Moving Memories book?

All 5 inch screen, 7 inch screen and 10 inch screen comes with 2GB.

Does it come with a complementary montage?

Yes. Please follow our steps on your selected collection page to create a complementary montage that comes with our Moving Moments book.

Can i send you my own montage? And you upload it in?

Yes you can. You can indicate during checkout that you would like to use your own video montage instead of our Templates. 

Can i add in other videos or images in the Moving Moments book in future?

Yes you can. But please do take note that only videos are allowed. It can accept any format of video.

How many sizes are there?

Currently we have 3 type of screen sizes. 5 inch, 7 inch and 10 inch. 

For 5 inch and 7 inch screen sizes, our Moving Moments book is A5 in size.

As for 10 inch screen size, our Moving Moments book is A4 in size.

What happened to our images and videos after we sent it to you?

Before check out, you may tick your consent for us to feature your montage or the files that you sent to us for marketing purposes. 

How long can the Moving Moments book last?

Just like any electronic device/equipment, we can't guarantee on the longevity of a product. But you can do measures like not overcharging it and cut it off after it's being fully charged to enhance the longevity of the battery life. We will recommend you to do a backup on the video montage or any videos that you put in just case in of any unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control.

 How long is the warranty?

Warranty is 6 months from the Sent out date of the Moving Moments book. Please kindly refer to our Warranty page for more information. 

Can we do self-collection?

Unfortunately due to Coronavirus, self-collection is currently not available. 

Where do you shipped to?

Unfortunately due to Coronavirus, we are only shipping within Singapore at the moment.